Help The Children Quarters Count
Help The Children distributed over 5,000 family shopping visits in 2011. Help The Children accomplished this mission with no government funding. The expenses for this effort include facility rent, utilities, insurance, and more. If everyone in Santa Clarita donated just two quarters, that’s right just $.50, the expenses to provide over 5,000 family shopping visits in Santa Clarita would be funded for one year! Promote a “Quarters Count” campaign through your group, school, neighborhood, or church.

Help The Children Harvest

Help The Children needs food to help the families that come to us for help. There are 3 ways that children and their families can volunteer together to help. These families can go through their neighborhood and (1) collect canned and dry goods, that are still good, from neighbors that don’t want these foods anymore; (2) with the neighbors’ permission, harvest the fruit off neighborhood trees. This will help keep the neighbors’ yards clean and create a source of fruit for our families; and (3) if you have a yard, section off an area, and grow a vegetable/fruit garden at your own home. This is a great way for the family to do something together, and kids will see where food really comes from!

Help The Children Food Drive
Help The Children food drives are needed year-round to keep our shelves stocked.  Donations of personal hygiene items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant) and baby supplies (diapers and wipes) are also appreciated.  Organize a food drive in your neighborhood, at school, at church, with sports clubs, at work, etc.  We have food collection barrels available and transportation to pick up your food drive donations.

Help The Children Fundraiser
Help The Children needs money to fund our expenses to continue the many efforts to help families in Santa Clarita. Promote a fundraiser campaign through your group, school, neighborhood, or church.

Help The Children Back To School

The families that come to Help The Children for hope and assistance can’t afford the materials their children need for school. We collect new backpacks and back to school supplies to give our families’ children some hope for the new school year.

Help The Children Holiday Meals

Help The Children collects donations for turkeys, hams, and fruit pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas. These donations will then be distributed to our families so that they will be able to join in the traditional celebrations during these seasons of hope.