What's being done to help the working poor?

Working poor families in America and around the world need help! Lost jobs, reduced hours, and fear of foreclosures have people flocking to church, praying for food, and searching for answers. We started our organization for just this purpose.

The number of working poor families continues to rise. Millions of American families are finding that they nearly impossible to make it from month to month even with both parents working, often times holding down more than one full time job each.  We're trying to help by distributing food and supplies to the working poor on a regular basis.

Striving to Help the Children and their families is our mission. Our Food Boxes and Personal Hygiene and Medication Care Boxes provide relief from hunger, disaster, and disease. We send these boxes locally and internationally and for many different reasons. The Food Distribution program is designed to bring assistance to Southern California's working poor. Faithful volunteers from shelters, soup kitchens, and churches pick up the food from our warehouse and then hand it out to the people in their community.