Hunger In Our World

Hunger In Our World

Have you seen the hunger in our world?

Though carefully stored in our minds, the thoughts and images of hungry children somehow over time, when there is an abundance of food in our own home, seem to disappear. No one wants to envision the plight of the hungry, but it's a real world dilemma and one that needs to be addressed consistently.  

Hunger isn't only limited to the stereotypical photos we've all become accustomed to seeing over the years on television. There are seemingly well-to-do families, in middle class neighborhoods, of all different races, who too are suffering.

Scraping for food and constant worry about where the next meal will come from, connects the hungry people of the world in a nightmarish way. How many children will go to sleep hungry tonight? How many children will solely rely on the school cafeteria food to fill their stomachs for the entire day? How many parents will lie awake struggling to figure out where to find food for tomorrow? And still how many others will go to bed early only thinking about the trivial appointments marked on calendars and the inconvenience of getting up for work?

Hunger is a relentless problem demanding ongoing commitment and support.