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The Texas Forest Service quickly put things in perspective with this statement: "This is unprecedented fire behavior. No one on the face of this Earth has ever fought fires in these extreme conditions." Texas Forest Service posts staggering facts:

  • Yesterday Texas Forest Service responded to 22 new fires
  • In the past 7 days, Texas Forest Service has responded to 181 fires for 118,413 acres.
  • In the past 48 hours, more than 700 homes have been destroyed.


Overnight, the Texas wildfires have taken a devastating turn, with no relief in sight. Over 7,000 residents have been evacuated, 1,000 homes burned to the ground, schools closed, and many more structures in danger of being destroyed. The Texas Wildfires are sweeping through the state of Texas at an alarming rate of 85 in the past week alone.

Suffering the worst drought since the 1950's and the unforgiving weather combination of heat, wind, and lack of rain, Texas is tinder-dry and in a desperate state of emergency. An estimated 3 million square acres of Texas have burned since December of 2010. The Texas town of Bastrop has experienced the largest single fire destruction in Texas history. Tropical Storm Lee brought 40-mile-per-hour winds, making the firefighters' fight to save residences impossible and the burning of homes inevitable.

A 20-year old woman and her daughter were killed when a fire tore through their mobile home park, with others narrowly escaping with their lives. Resources are near depletion and the state of Texas needs disaster relief.

In 2003, FEMA warned of such a disaster, fearing the vast development of new homes, on semi-arid ridges, surrounded by dried-out plants and trees, could cause a wildfire catastrophe. The FEMA statement looms today: "Simply stated, the conditions ... as we find them today may be perfect for a natural wildfire disaster of significant (and prophetic) proportions," as reported in 2003.

Governor Rick Perry, was forced to cut short a presidential campaign trip to South Carolina due to the Texas wildfires.

Join Help the Children in our Project Help Texas Wildfires. We ask, not only for your support and prayers, but also for financial donations, so that we may ship disaster relief supplies to the survivors of these devastating Texas Wildfires.




UPDATES: Texas Wildfires

September 7, 2011

11 large fires continue to burn in Texas:

Bastrop County
Bear Creek, Cass County
101 Ranch, Palo Pinto County
Pendernales Bend (Spicewood), Travis County
Delhi, Caldwell County
Riley Road, Grimes/Montgomery/Waller Counties
Henderson, Anderson County
Leon County (Concord Robbins)
Nacogdoches County
Arbor, Houston County
Limestone County



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Update on Texas Wildfires

As firefighters start letting more residents back into their neighborhoods, the true wildfire damage is now being assessed. The latest count shows 1,554 homes destroyed, with the numbers expected to rise even more as the search continues.

Many longtime residents are being forced to live in temporary shelter until their homes are rebuilt. Countless families are rummaging through the piles of donations looking for toys, toiletries, blankets, and other necessities, while most are just trying to make sense of the devastation.

The Federal government did declare Texas a disaster area last Friday, which will lead to increased relief funding. Schools opened yesterday and with wildfire containment numbers continuing to rise, Texas residents are seeking normalcy. Let us not forget that people are still in financial need and donations continue to be appreciated.

We thank you for your Texas support and prayers.

More Texas Homes Destroyed by Wildfires

Texas Wildfires have now left approximately 1,400 homes destroyed, countless families displaced, four dead, and a state in ruin. The Texas Forest Service responded to 20 new fires yesterday in Grimes, Montgomery and Waller counties, blackening over 15,000 acres. These three fires are now 60% contained.

Texas Forest service officials report over 40 fires are burning across the state now, consuming over 120,000 acres as of yesterday. Ground crews have managed to calm the largest of fires in Bastrom county, avoiding the use of helicopter dropped fire retardent.

The higher number of destroyed homes increased due to the street by street and garage by garage search conducted on Wednesday. More homes are expected to be counted in the lost category as the days go on.

This year's Texas drought and the hottest June through August in U.S. history, coupled with a drastic boom in population and extensive new housing projects, set the stage for wildfires to ignite and spread.

Governor Perry is awaiting federal assistance approved by President Obama's  administration. Several states have supported the fire disaster relief efforts, by sending firefighters to help battle the blazes. An estimated 400 firefighters are putting their lives on the line to save homes and lives.

Texas Wildfires Rage

The Central Texas Bastrom County wildfire continues to burn out of control, with numerous additional large scale Texas Wildfires also not contained. Now burning over 34,000 acres and destroying a reported 785 homes, Bastrom, the largest of the Texas wildfires is listed at only 30 percent containment.

A significant number of aircraft have been mobilized to deal with the extreme magnitude of the Texas Wildfires including: heavy and single engine airtankers, scoopers, helicopters, and National Guard Blackhawks. NASA has released a video of the Texas Wildfires,taken from the Internations Space station.

Four people have been reported killed by the wildfires, with the tragic possibility of more bodies being recovered once the search through debris begins.

The weather seems to have shifted in the firefighters favor today, with winds down to 3 to 13 mph. Only a rise in humidity would bring more relief. However, even with the favorable weather conditions, the Texas Wildfires continue to rage.

The Current list of Uncontained Texas Wildfires:

PEDERNALES BEND (Spicewood), Travis County
BEAR CREEK (#536), Cass County
RILEY ROAD, Grimes/Montgomery/Waller Counties
TAMINA ROAD, Montgomery County
UNION CHAPEL, Bastrop County
MOONGLOW, Williamson County
PETERS CHAPEL, Harrison County
STEINER RANCH, Travis County
HENDERSON, Anderson County
Limestone County
DELHI, Caldwell County
BAILEY, Colorado County
DIANA, Upshur County
LUTHERHILL, Fayette County
BONBIEW RANCH, Van Zandt County
MOORE, Smith County
BOOT WALKER, Marion County
TOAD ROAD, Upshur County
HOPEWELL, Walker County
#507, Anderson County
#504, Anderson County
Nacogdoches County
ARBOR, Houston County
PETTYTOWN, Caldwell County
OLD MAGNOLIA, Gregg County
Leon County (Concord Robbins)
101 RANCH, Palo Pinto County