Have you noticed that disaster victims can often be overshadowed?

Disaster strikes and lives change. Homes are lost, families are separated, the death toll climbs, and despair overwhelms, yet oftentimes the disaster victims are somehow overlooked in the news coverage of high numbers, historical comparisons, and endless streaming of video clips. The disaster victims continue to suffer long after the first mark of destruction. Disaster victims need ongoing aid.

Help the Children sends food boxes to provide much needed nourishment, tents for temporary shelter, medicine for medical relief, and hygiene boxes for personal comfort. We go one step further, with our disaster relief toy drive. Donated toys are packaged and delivered to the younger victims. It's an extension of love and comfort...a way to put the mind at ease, if only for a moment.

While in the past we've shipped emergency supplies to Japan, Haiti, Venezuela, Mexico, East Africa, New Orleans, Alabama, Missouri, California, Mississippi and many more. Catastrophes are not restricted by boundaries and neither are we. Our goal is to help all disaster victims, worldwide, at a moment's notice.