We feed working poor families every day - stop family hunger!


Many don't realize the plight of the working poor. Contrary to popular belief, the dilemma does not stem from a lack of effort. Parents are doing their part. They go to work, sometimes seven days a week and, more often than not, to more than one job, and still the food on the table is scarce. We've come across this misfortune many times over the years, prompting our motivation to get the word out about the widespread effects of working poor. We share with you the Help the Children testimony of "Rachel's Hope."

Rachel is a single mother trying to raise her daughter. She works cleaning her church and volunteers in the food and clothing center. Rachel says, “Being a volunteer is one way I can give back to the people who have helped my daughter and me. The food we receive from Help the Children means that my daughter is able to go to school each day with a full stomach. Without this help, we would not be able to make it.”