Disaster relief ready!

Storm stories are commonplace nowadays. News reports of floods, hurricanes, and Tsunamis show unbelievable footage of complete disaster and destruction. As we sit at home, glued to the television set, there's often a twinge of guilt when the thought of, "I'm glad it's not me," enters out mind. The story goes further and the question of, "What could I do for the victims," soon comes into play, overpowering the pangs of conscience.

We at Help the Children ask that you look to our organization when the life changing occurrences of floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, and fires happen. We are experts in disaster relief, with a warehouse ready to bring relief aid to survivors around the world and we are currently involved in the Help Alabama project.

Relentless rains lead to lingering floods. Cyclonic storms result in massive hurricanes. Undersea quakes create colossal tsunamis. Each of these terrifying natural disasters leaves survivors desperately searching for food, clothing, and other life sustaining supplies. We aim to provide relief, by promptly delivering boxes of donated food, personal hygiene items, clothing, and medical supplies to the victims.