There are many ways you can help.

To all those interested in joining the cause,

Thank you for the many inquiries about Help the Children and the programs and services we offer needy people here in the United States and abroad. You've all raised very good questions and we are proud to provide the answers for you. We accept used items, in good condition, such as clothing and toys. We then give them to others. Help the Children is a humanitarian relief organization and we are most proud of being a conduit for providing clothing, toys, medical supplies, food, and information to anyone who is in need. Your donations are very important and we take that seriously by offering a variety of ways to donate. We accept online donations, donations by check, corporate donations, and Help the Children being listed as an asignee of your wills and estate plans. We distribute donated items to people in the United States and abroad and we will never sell any items for any reason. You can be sure that Help the Children will deliver your donations to the people who are need. Since 1998, thanks to the generosity of people like you, Help The Children has provided more than:

    $500,000,000 of life saving humanitarian supplies
    165,000,000 pounds of food
    100 containers of medical equipment, medicines and personal hygiene
    3 million articles of clothing
    3 million textbooks around the world
    50 free medical and dental outreaches to third world countries


We sincerely thank you and we hope to partner with you in providing relief to the needy people around the world.