Santa Clarita Location

Santa Clarita Location

Santa Clairta Food Drive

Valencia teens join the mission of Help the Children along with students from Albert Einstein Academy and other volunteers to bring food to Santa Clarita kids.

Featured on the News in Santa Clarita

Help the Children in Santa Clarita was featured on Take a look at this video showing our Veterans outreach events.

Veterans and military families were invited to free music, and to shop for free home improvement items at Help the Children’s Veteran Appreciation Day.

Los Amigos Bar and Grill Fundraiser

I think it’s really cool that a new restaurant in town would be willing to dedicate its grand opening weekend to kids. Between you and me, the owners of Los Amigos Bar & Grill are sticking their necks out when they offer free meals to kids — and on top of that, they promise to donate some of their proceeds to a well-known and terrifically respected non-profit. It’s a charity that focuses on helping children here and around the world.


Los Amigos Bar and Grill


I know the manager of the Los Amigos because he was the head chef at Genio’s in Burbank. That’s where my mother worked for 35 years. He took great care of her, so he’s on my hero list. Oh, and he owned Frank’s Steak House for several years and developed an amazing following.
And I know Help the Children because I’ve seen them in action. They have put on a whole series of home-improvement giveaways to veterans and active-duty service members. They fly below the radar, but I’ve checked them out (and gotten to know them) and they’re one of the best-run charity organizations I’ve ever encountered.
So here’s a match made in heaven. Great food (really authentic Mexican stuff) and the chance to help a great organization do great stuff for kids.
If you know anyone who loves kids or Mexican food, please share this with them.