A Special Thank You for Donating to Japan

We, at Help the Children, would like to thank all who have contributed to the Japan disaster relief fund. Donataions have begun to pour in and for that we are grateful. Our shipments of food, water, and supplies will soon be sent to Japan.

The disaster in Japan continues to flood the cable news broadcasts and social networking sites, but it's no longer revolving around the survivors, instead the focus has switched to worries of nuclear radiation. Let not that potential crisis take away from the immediate true tragedy of lost lives and suffering victims.

Nuclear radiation exposure is an obvious concern and not one that should be dismissed. However, there are earthquake and tsunami victims out there right now in Japan struggling to survive without food or water, seeking shelter in falling snow.

We can do our part. We can pray, make monetary donations, and ship supplies. Let us also keep the survivors in the forefront of conversation and interaction with others. Who knows, that simple little extra effort just might make some kind of important difference in our continued relief efforts.

We extend our thanks, once again, to all who have donated to this worthy cause and encourage those who haven't yet, to consider doing the same.