March 15, 2011 - Help Japan

With nuclear plant fires continuing to erupt, persistent aftershocks, and near freezing temperatures, the earthquake and tsunami survivors of Japan are enduring unbelievable suffering. The crisis is not over. Those who were fortunate enough to escape the intial quakes and walls of water, have now succumb to worry and confusion about finding food and water, being exposed to radiation, locating missing loved ones, and burying the dead.

This is a catastrophic event that deserves immediate and ongoing attention. The numbers of missing and dead continue to rise and the unknown fears of radiation and snowfall continue to hinder relief efforts. Food, water, and supplies in Japan are quickly running out, and though the lack of looting is commendable, in no way does it accurately depict the severity of true desperation that has been inflicted on the people of Japan. News stations continue to show images of families politely standing in line outside of stores, awaiting their limited amount of supplies. These portrayals can be misleading and just might be restricting the amount of donations being collected. We've become accustomed to the media bombardment of visible desperation and perhaps without those impressions, the urgency behind this relief effort has become noticeably different.

People in Japan are frantically searching through rubble for loved ones, living with haunting visions of family members being swept away by unrelenting waves of death, and urgently uncovering any type of refuge that's available to keep them safe from falling snow, debris, and radiation. They are scavenging for food, water, and medicine, but for some reason it's not being shown in the same light. The mass of continued destruction should speak for itself...but, when? When will we come together and help Japan?