Help Haiti Letter

Placide Simone, 29, held her listless baby in her arms.  She motioned towards her four other children – whose faces were gaunt, bellies distended, bones protruding.  And she pleaded with a passerby: “Take one. You pick. Just feed them.”

Dear Friend,

We are called to be people of hope.  Placide Simone has none.  She lives in a place that many believe is God-forsaken.  She lives in Haiti.

Her children are starving and she doesn’t want them to die.  And so she begs a stranger from another country to take one of them … not out of hope, but out of desperation. That’s a mother’s love.

There can be no greater measure of our compassion, of our own capacity to love, and of our want to ease another’s pain htan to help a suffering child like Placide Simone’s.  If you’ll join me today, that’s what we will do.

My name is Roger Presgrove and I am the President of Help the Children.  Our vital programs have made it possible for us to reach more than 1,500,000 children and their families around the world with hope – with food, clothing, and other necessities to save these poverty-ravaged people.

And today I reach out to you.  As an act of faith and an act of gratitude, I’ve sent you this very special set of Spring cards.

I pray that they remind you of Placide’s children and the opportunity you have today to save them with your donation.  It is only through the giving hearts and good will of friends like you that we will be able to touch sick, weakened, impoverished children.

I’ve seen despair that breaks my heart.  I’ve known children who are so hungry that their little bodies will not produce tears.  And even if they could cry, they are too weak to do it.
The are breathing skeletons.

You don’t have to set foot in a foreign land like Haiti to walk in the spirit of our mission to save lives.  All it takes is a small donation – a gift that will save a life.

Time is a luxury we do not have.  So please donate today.  As each day passes, starving children like Placide’s become more and more vulnerable to killer diseases like Cholera.  Cholera is an ugly, horrific bacterial disease that breeds in the most squalid conditions and attacks the weakest people.  A child vomits, has diarrhea, is in crippling pain, and dies within hours.

The answer?  Clean water.  Food.  A sanitized living environment.  Nutrition. Medicine.  And prayer.  You can give all of these to the children of Haiti with a simple donation to
Help the Children.

We are prepared to ship Food Boxes and Personal Hygiene and Medication Care Boxes and water to Haiti and its innocent children.

All we need is your help getting them to places where people suffer and wait … for hope.  You see, the transportation costs are staggering … especially into developing countries like Haiti.

You wouldn’t believe the obstacles we must overcome just to get food or medicine to a weak, malnourished, sick little boy or girl.

But we will do whatever it takes, because little lives are at stake.

And I know in my heart that you will help me with your $10, $15 or $25 gift.

You know it is as I do: birth and death frame our lives.  But it’s what we do with the time in between that proves our humanity.

I ask you to use this moment in time to care for a little child you will never meet … For a hungry boy or girl whose only wish is to eat …  For a desperate mother who will never have a chance to say “thank you.”

But I can say it for her.  Thank you.  Thank you with all my heart for your compassion.

On Behalf of the children,

 Roger Presgrove                                                                                                                         

P.S.   I am proud to tell you that Help the Children is one of America’s most cost-effective charities.  99% of every donation goes towards our programs.  When you contribute to us, you are giving hope, giving food, giving life to a starving, suffering child somewhere in the world.