Disaster in Japan

Japan needs our help. The immediate donations to Haiti and Indonesia far surpass what has currently been given to Japan. Japan was rocked by a recently upgraded 9.0 earthquake, the fifth largest earthquake on record.

Soon after, they suffered a catastrophic blow from a 30 foot mountain wall of crashing water, a tsunami leaving utter destruction in its wake. Now there are real threats of nuclear disaster. Yet, there doesn't seem to be the same call for action as with the Haiti and Indonesia calamities. Mother nature doesn't first take into account the level of  technological advancement, or financial status of a country. Earthquakes and tsunamis strike, regardless of culture, class, or building code. Rich or poor, we all need the basic necessities to survive.

The people of Japan are running out of food and water, suffering to a degree so very hard to comprehend. They, too, need our help.