Senior Hunger

Senior Hunger

Would you know how to spot senior hunger?

In this life, you're fortunate if you can count your friends on one hand. What about the seniors among us? Does this saying still apply? When you factor in advanced years, limited social interaction, challenging environmental settings, and poor health, five sure seems like a high number.

It's not uncommon for seniors, those dearest to us included, to keep hidden the suffering. It's perhaps a lifetime of caring for others that could play into this last grasp for dignity. Fixed income heightens the despair. It comes down to choice, with medicine often winning over food, in the game of, "Which is more important this month?" We all talk about making a difference and while monetary donations and volunteering are so very much appreciated and obviously help us to get the all-important nourishment to seniors, we ask you to please go one crucial step further. Reach out to seniors. With companionship, seniors thrive. Without it, loneliness can have deadly consequences.

Show a senior you care today, and every day!

How prevalent is senior hunger?

We all know seniors. What we don't know is that seniors are going hungry. Millions of seniors suffer from malnutrition. It's a global epidemic projected to get worse. There are many variables that lead to the risk for malnutrition among the elderly, with loneliness and fixed income rounding out the top contributing factors.

The mix of social, physical and emotional problems generates a complex situation, but just by simply reaching out and checking on the seniors in your life, you will have already made a worthy step in the right direction. The next step in ending senior hunger would involve uniting with us. Your donations and time could really help make a difference in the lives of seniors everywhere. It's time to stop senior hunger!