Trip to Mississippi Words are inadequate to express to you what we saw in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. As many of us have seen on TV, Hurricane Katrina devastated thousands of families but to actually witness this devastation first hand was beyond words! We had the opportunity to distribute our supplies at a local junior high school that had the only building safe enough to occupy. The EOC (emergency office center) had buses picking up people in the surrounding areas because their vehicles were destroyed and they had nor form of transportation.

We saw so many people living in tents, motor homes, and trailers, who lost everything. However, their spirits were not broken, they have faith in God and know that they are alive and that is what is important. As we were distributing, Hurricane Rita was coming so we had to make the decision to return home with our truck or we would be in trouble as well. We networked with City Team Ministries and the EOC. Please remember to pray for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Our goal for the next several months is to provide food, personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies and toys. We will continue to Help Katrina as long as the need is there.

Roger Presgrove
Help the Children