The biggest earthquake to ever hit Japan on record struck Friday, March 11th and left the country in a crisis of epic proportions. A vicious tsunami followed the quake, destroying nearly everything in its path, and with high magnitude aftershocks continuing to rumble and threats of nuclear disaster looming, the country of Japan was left in ruin.

You can still help Japan:

Here's how you can help the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan:  
Help the Children is seeking your help in providing emergency assistance to the victims of this horrible tragedy. We are accepting donations from churches, individuals, families, organizations, and corporations.  Please be sure to designate your donation as "Japan Disaster Relief," by clicking on the upper right hand portion of this screen.

Currently, there is a tremendous need for food, water, and other daily survival items.  Your donation will contribute to sending several hundred food boxes, each containing approximately $30.00 worth of grocery items, in addition to several hundred bottles of water, and over the counter medications. By sea, Help the Children will send cargo containers filled with food, bottled water, clothing, and medical supplies to the devastated Northern region of Japan for as long as they need support.
Please feel free to contact us directly at (888) 818-GIVE (4483), if we can be of further assistance.

Along with your contributions, the most important help you can provide is prayer for the many people who are not sure where their loved ones are, who are suddenly left alone, who no longer have a home, who are lost and do not know where to turn for help.

Time is critical and you can help make a difference. We will continue to keep you informed with updates on our disaster relief efforts under the Latest News section of this site. Please share this information with your contacts and let them know that we're here to help.

A most sincere thank you for your care and support during this devastating time in Japan.
Roger Presgrove
Help the Children

Help Japan - The Beginning

March 11, 2011 - Japan Earthquake Tsunami Disaster - This is a call for an international humanitarian effort. When that monster wall of water roared through the coast of Japan, it washed away entire neighborhoods. The suffering people of Japan need our prayers and with limited access to food, water, and shelter, those caught in the thows of this disaster, also desperately need our help.

We are getting supplies of fresh water and food ready to be shipped to Japan. Help the Children asks that you prayerfully consider donating to the cause. We will get aid to the survivors, but not without help. Please donate today.

March 12, 2011 - Help Japan Disaster Victims - Japan needs our help. The immediate donations to Haiti and Indonesia far surpass what has currently been given to Japan. Japan was rocked, by a recently upgraded 9.0 earthquake, the fifth largest earthquake on record.

Soon after, they suffered a catastrophic blow from a 30-foot mountain wall of crashing water, a tsunami leaving utter destruction in its wake. Now there are real threats of nuclear disaster. Yet, there doesn't seem to be the same call for action as with the Haiti and Indonesia calamities. Mother nature doesn't first take into account the level of technological advancement, or financial status of a country. Earthquakes and tsunamis strike, regardless of culture, class, or building code. Rich or poor, we all need the basic necessities to survive.

The people of Japan are running out of food and water, suffering to a degree so very hard to comprehend. They, too, need our help.

March 15, 2011 - Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Crisis Worsens - With nuclear plant fires continuing to erupt, persistent aftershocks, and near freezing temperatures, the earthquake and tsunami survivors of Japan are enduring unbelievable suffering. The crisis is not over. Those who were fortunate enough to escape the initial quakes and walls of water, have now succumb to worry and confusion about finding food and water, being exposed to radiation, locating missing loved ones, and burying the dead.

This is a catastrophic event that deserves immediate and ongoing attention. The numbers of missing and dead continue to rise and the unknown fears of radiation and snowfall continue to hinder relief efforts. Food, water, and supplies in Japan are quickly running out, and though the lack of looting is commendable, in no way does it accurately depict the severity of true desperation that has been inflicted on the people of Japan. News stations continue to show images of families politely standing in line outside of stores, awaiting their limited amount of supplies. These portrayals can be misleading and just might be restricting the amount of donations being collected. We've become accustomed to the media bombardment of visible desperation and perhaps without those impressions, the urgency behind this relief effort has become noticeably different.

People in Japan are frantically searching through rubble for loved ones, living with haunting visions of family members being swept away by unrelenting waves of death, and urgently uncovering any type of refuge that's available to keep them safe from falling snow, debris, and radiation. They are scavenging for food, water, and medicine, but for some reason it's not being shown in the same light. The mass of continued destruction should speak for itself...but, when? When will we come together and help Japan?

 March 17, 2011 - A Special Thank You for Japan Help - We, at Help the Children, would like to thank all who have contributed to the Japan disaster relief fund. Donations have begun to pour in and for that we are grateful. Our shipments of food, water, and supplies will soon be sent to Japan.

The disaster in Japan continues to flood the cable news broadcasts and social networking sites, but it's no longer revolving around the survivors, instead the focus has switched to worries of nuclear radiation. Let not that potential crisis take away from the immediate true tragedy of lost lives and suffering victims.

Nuclear radiation exposure is an obvious concern and not one that should be dismissed. However, there are earthquake and tsunami victims out there right now in Japan struggling to survive without food or water, seeking shelter in falling snow.

We can do our part. We can pray, make monetary donations, and ship supplies. Let us also keep the survivors in the forefront of conversation and interaction with others. Who knows, that simple little extra effort just might make some kind of important difference in our continued relief efforts.

We extend our thanks, once again, to all who have donated to this worthy cause and encourage those who haven't yet, to consider doing the same.

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