Dental Outreach

Help the Children board member, Dr. Mike Roberts, also Southern California Area Director for the Christian Medical and Dental Association, has been planning and leading teams of healthcare professionals--including dentists, physicians, nurses, dental hygienists and assistants, medical and dental students--on international mission trips for more than 25 years.  He currently takes teams out to serve 3-4 times per year.  If you are in the health professions and would be interested in joining one of our teams, please contact us.  We'll pass along word to Dr. Roberts and you will hear back from him regarding future trips.  Help the Children is delighted to be able to serve those in need of medical and dental care around the world, while also ministering to their emotional and spiritual needs.
Our most recent mission trip--to the Help the Children Hospital, in Malacatancito, Guatemala--was a tremendous blessing to the people of this underserved rural community.  Our team consisted of dentists, physicians, physicians' assistants, nurses, dental assistants, a group of dental students from UCLA, a Christian Marriage and Family therapist, and team of pastors and missionaries.  Hundreds of people came for medical and dental care, with some patients walking for many miles.  We were pleased to be able to serve the physical and emotional needs of these dear people--while also sharing the hope and joy found through faith in Jesus Christ.  What a joy it was to see patients leave with happy smiles on their faces--and joy in their hearts--after receiving loving care from our team at this incredible hospital built by Help the Children in the mountains of northwest Guatemala!
Please contact us if you are in the health professions and would like to join us for one of our future mission trips.

Stop the pain with dental outreach!

Have you ever experienced the agony of a toothache? It's that excruciating pain that makes you run to the family dentist in a hurry. What if you had no access to dental care, eliminating your chance to alleviate the pain? Where would you turn? How about watching your child suffer with the unending torture of rotting teeth? What would you do?

These questions are asked daily by many and have become an unfortunate real case scenario all across the globe. We've implemented a dental program designed to bring dental treatment to the poverty-stricken. Our overseas dental program provides essential services for needy children and their families. Volunteer dentists travel to developing countries where these dental services are not readily available. We have an entire team of dentists, along with medical students, from USC, UCLA, and Western, who treat families with their dental needs.