We help military families!

A child stares out the window, waiting for Daddy to come home …

Dear Friend,

We all have burdens.  Yours might be different than mine, but we both have them. But few of us can say we’ve carried the burden of protecting a nation. That’s what our military men and women do for us: they serve; they fight, and sacrifice so that we remain free and safe. 


My name is Roger Presgrove and I am the President of Military Family Assistance Paks.  We deliver “Paks” full of food, clothing and other necessities to our troops’ neediest children. Make no mistake:  It’s not only our troops who carry a massive burden.  So do the spouses and children they leave behind while on their tours of duty.

They wake up every morning worried that this will be the day their beloved is killed in the line of duty.  And then there is the hardship of day-to-day life.  I know how tough it is for families to make ends meet on a meager military salary. Their financial and emotional burden is inescapable, unbearable.  Especially at a time when our economy is faltering and jobs are almost impossible to come by.

And so while they suffer silently, we quietly do our work on their behalf. We do it because we believe that our freedom comes with an obligation to reach out to help those who sacrifice so much so that we are safe, secure and free. I have faith that you believe it, too.

When you send us a contribution today, 99% of every donation goes straight to our programs.  We are one of America’s most cost-efficient charities. How do we do it?  We get donations from good, patriotic food and home product companies and our volunteers assemble the “Paks” in our warehouse to keep the costs down. But without your donation we will not have the funds to deliver them.

Yes, the transportation costs are staggering  –  there are so many families who need our help from coast-to-coast…from the middle of the biggest cities to the most rural towns in the middle of America.

But we will do whatever it takes to get a warm meal into the belly of a soldier’s son, or a pair of new shoes onto the feet of a Marine’s daughter, or even laundry detergent to the wife of a seaman.

And I’m asking you to help me – to give as generously as you can today to help these families who fight their own quiet battles while they wait for their loved one to return from a far-away battlefield.

No, we cannot bring mommy or daddy back from the battlefield. But we can ease the burdens that these military families face. We can give them a warm meal.  We can provide living essentials. And we can offer them our thanks for the very real sacrifice they make for us.

For our military families,

Roger Presgrove          President                                                                                                                                                                

 P.S.    Please remember the sacrifice that so many are making so that we may enjoy the freedoms we have.  And please be reminded that with sacrifice comes great reward.  Will you make a sacrifice today on behalf of the families our troops have left behind?  Will you give a generous gift so that we can deliver our “Paks” of food, clothing and other necessities to military families-in-need?  God bless you.