We help deaf students!

Many of us have become familiar with hearing tests throughout our school years and during our annual physicals. Maybe we've even taken the routine exams for granted, but in developing countries reality paints a much harsher picture. The impoverished often don't have access to the health care luxury and as a result, hearing impairments are overlooked either all together, or discovered too late in life.

Meet Neville and Lill Muir. They decided long ago to make a difference in the deaf world through a Christian mission organization. Deaf Ministries International (DMI) is under their direction and is thriving with the help of volunteers and generous sponsors. The Muirs have been sharing God's love with the deaf for more than 30 years. They have built more than 100 churches around the world and successfully started Deaf Ministries International in 1979, while living in Korea.

The Deaf Ministries International mission has now branched out from Korea to the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, China, Colombia, Congo, Egypt, South Africa, Southern Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Tanzania, Zambia, Burundi, Australia, Norway, and the United States. There has been an extensive amount of work in Davao, located in the southern state of the Philippines. Joshua and Asuela headed up this endeavor.

Their tireless and sacrificial efforts have produced a lot of fruit, including impressive work in Davao City churches, dormitories and school ministries. Deaf Ministries International hosted it's first DMI College and High School Commencement exercises at the Davao facility. An excited crowd of family and friends witnessed the proceedings. A total of 14 college students and 11 high school students graduated. Deaf Ministries International continues to thrive and Help the Children supports their efforts. Some projects the organization currently has underway include, a "Philippine Piggery" allowing for increased job opportunities for the deaf in the country. DMI also supports a "Kenya Sewing Machine Workshop" for women with AIDS. The "Sticky Rice Kart" project in Thailand, grants the deaf population of the land a chance for income. As Deaf Ministries International increases their outreach, we can all offer our support, in order to further the education of deaf children in developing countries, evangelize to the deaf communities around the world, and increase the amount of deaf churches internationally.