3 Earthquakes Rock Guatemala

A 5.8 earthquake just hit Guatemala. The city, approximately 30 miles southeast of Guatemala City, had two other slightly smaller earthquakes also today. Early reports site three people dead and concerns of mudslides and further deaths remain.

Please keep the people of Guatemala in your prayers.

Guatemala Hospital Opening Soon

Look for Help the Children Guatemala Hospital to open around November 2011. We've come a  long way in this hospital building mission. A special thanks to all who have donated time and money to see this vision through. You've helped make a significant impact on the Guatemala Hospital, not only being completed, but also being built within the projected time frame. We are grateful for all who have helped so far and for all who will decide to join us today. What a great way to Help the Children!



Guatemala Hospital Soon to Open - Thanks To You

Our Guatemala Hospital is 95% completed. It seems like such a short time ago that an innocent trip to Guatemala turned into an envisioned hospital being built where none had ever stood.

Our Guatemala Hospital will open in less than two months. We are really only waiting for the equipment to be readied for delivery. With July 1st as our projected date for getting the hospital up and running, ongoing financial support is still greatly appreciated.

We thank all who have committed to monthly donations. The generosity of many has made a tremendous difference. We now ask that the donations continue. Thank you for your support.



Rocked by Mudslides

Saturday, September 4, 2010-- I Survived the Devastating Guatemala Hurricane... You Never Know God’s Plan

In life, there are things that happen that are incomprehensible to us, and we’ll never understand. The most sensible way to understand is not to think about why, or try to blame someone, including ourselves, but to ask what is the remedy to our situation.  Here is my story.