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Donation Options

HTC End OF Year Donor Appeal

Military Assistance Donations

Here is an opportunity to show veterans in desperate need that we are thankful for their sacrifices by sending them Special Military Family Assistance Paks. This food, clothing, and other essentials will help them get through these tough economic times. Please know that your entire donation is tax deductible and you will receive an email that will have our tax ID number for the IRS. We thank you for your donation.

Just 1 Click

Help the Children was inspired by a simple plan to make a difference - a positive difference - for: One Child, One Family, One Community. Now it's your turn and Just 1 Click is all it takes!

Monthly monetary donations are the key to maintaining consistency. Choose any amount ($10.00 minimum) and know that with steady financial monthly donations, we are able to properly plan for assistance and provide stability for children. Donations make it all possible and we have more to do. So, with Just 1 Click on the donation option of your choice, you will Help the Children next door and all around the world.

Just 1 Click and together we will make lives better! Join our team!

These are ongoing programs that require monthly support:

  • Food Distribution Centers in the U.S.
  • Food Boxes Sent Locally and Abroad
  • Care Boxes with Personal Hygiene Items Sent Around the World
  • Medical and Dental Outreaches (Supplies, Volunteers, Travel)
  • Ongoing Support for our Orphanages in Africa
  • Ongoing Support for our Guatemala Hospital

Purity & Judith

Our names are Purity Ndanu Musembi and Judith Musembi, we are a girls of seventeen years old and fifteen years old respectively. We have been brought up in a family of eight. We have two brothers and three sisters. We are the second born and third born respectively. The first born is a boy of now twenty years. He has completed his primary school education. Our parents are both alive. Our mother has no occupation, so she is a housewife. Our father depends on his small scale farm when rains come so that he may cater for our living, but if the rains fail, he has to look for casuals which are very rare.

When my brother finished his primary school course, he could not continue his education since my father was not able to pay school fees. When we completed primary school, we had passed well with a B+ grade, but we had also to stay at home. We could not be able to continue with our secondary education because our dad had no money. We stayed always in payers for God to show us the way so that we could have a chance in any secondary school. We went on praying until the end of the year 2006, when God answered our prayers. Our Principal in Travellers Oasis Centre had requested for any girls in our village who had passed well in her national examinations.

Fortunately, we had qualified his chance so we had to come here in Travellers Oasis Centre School, we was admitted in form one in January 2007and January 2009. We are now in form three and form one respectively we hope that we will continue doing well while we work hard, our diet here is very good. We take four meals each day so our health is kept

We thank God for His answer to my prayers. We also thank you very much for assisting my Principal to account for my education. We promise to work very hard under God’s mercies. We would like to be a doctor and a lawyer in future. So we are doing well in sciences. Thanks in advance.

Yours faithfully,