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7.6 Earthquake Hits Mexico

An 7.6 earthquake has struck near Acapulco in Southern Mexico at 11:02 a.m. according to the U.S. Geological Society.

The Associated Press reports that the 'strong, long' earthquake was felt in Mexico City, about 235 miles north of the coastal city.

mexico earthquake

Shortly after the quake struck, Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebard took to Twitter, saying "tenemos sismo," or "we have an earthquake."


Mexican President Felipe Calderon wrote in his Twitter account that there has been no casualties after the earthquake jolted the country.

Mexico Earthquake

Calderon said neither casualties nor severe damages have been reported, adding that electricity lines and health services were working.

"It has been a strong alarm, but so far, we haven't had any victims or large damages," he wrote.

Hurricane Katia

Hurricane Katia was a strong Category 4 Hurricane just late last night, but today had weakened to a Category 3 hurricane and now to a Category 2. Katia is still packing quite a punch with the Category 2 rating. Though reports have the hurricane veering to the northeast and possibly avoiding the East Coast, some areas could still suffer from swells generated by the hurricane force winds. Let's pray all damage and destruction is averted.

East Coast Braces for Hurricane Irene

Irene is a major category 3 hurricane with winds of 115 mph, headed straight for North Carolina this Saturday and New York City on Monday. As the people on the East Coast prepare for the potential hurricane devastation, we ask you all to pray for the safety of everyone in its path.


Disaster Relief Works

Horrific disasters strike and we're often left wondering what we can do. If we find an organization and decide to donate money, we might then be caught thinking about just where the money goes and whom it helps.

Help the Children makes a concerted effort to keep people informed. When disasters hit, no matter where in the world, Help the Children steps up to the plate. With the recent Japan earthquake and tornadoes of the south, Help the Children sent numerous shipments of disaster relief supplies to the U.S. and Japan victims.

Help the Children has since gone on to thank those who, so generously, donated time, food, and money to help the victims of the tornado and earthquake disasters. These tragic events sparked much news coverage, and led to a temporary increase in donations.

Though grateful, Help the Children encourages others not to become complacent, but rather to find the same sense of compassion during the "ordinary" days, as when a news surging disaster strikes.

Hunger is a continuing problem. Help the Children needs ongoing donations and volunteers to keep getting food to the people next door and across the globe.