War on Hunger

War on Hunger

The Montebello School District's 2nd Annual War on Hunger had an impressive kick off. There were representatives from Senator Calderon's office, the MUSD Board President, Councilman Alberto Perez, the MUSD Superintendent, Help the Children Board Member Abraham Nortey, The Mayor of Montebello, the President of the MUSD PTA, and many other noted attendees.

Burma Pig Farms


Burma Orphanages cater to the needs and well-being of children. We desire to offer assistance in the best way possible and have adopted three Burma orphanages. Our persistence in helping others has led to a different type of solution.

After surveying several potential projects, the idea of a pig farm seems to be the best viable option for our Burma orphanage support. A pig farm can generate continuing funds to the orphanages, while encouraging self-reliance.

Letter from the Students (Kenya Girls School)

Dear Donor,

My name is Faith Mwikali Matimbii. I am seventeen years old and am in form three. I am an orphan. We are two girls in my family. My father died when we were very young. My mother died when I was in class five the year 2003. We were being taken care by our older uncle’s wife who is the only one remaining because her husband died also in the year 2001.

Food Distribution

Food Distribution Program

It seems simple, some pallets of food, delivery trucks in motion, volunteer packers, and gracious families awaiting our arrival. But, our food distribution program would end at the idea, if not for the dedicated volunteers, suppliers, and donors who make it all happen. Help the Children distributes food to hundreds of churches, senior citizen facilities, battered women shelters, recovery programs, and other service providers enrolled as recipients of our food program. These groups, in turn, hand out donated food to the needy people they serve. Last year alone, using our four food distribution sites, Help the Children distributed 1.7 million pounds of bulk food each month and over 35 tons of food each workday. Open your heart and and know that together we’re making a difference. WAYS TO HELP 1. Pray that our food consistently reaches the families in need. 2. Make a monetary donation to keep our programs running effectively. 3. Volunteer to pack and/or deliver the food. 4. Become a food supplier.