Food Programs

Burma Pig Farms


Burma Orphanages cater to the needs and well-being of children. We desire to offer assistance in the best way possible and have adopted three Burma orphanages. Our persistence in helping others has led to a different type of solution.

After surveying several potential projects, the idea of a pig farm seems to be the best viable option for our Burma orphanage support. A pig farm can generate continuing funds to the orphanages, while encouraging self-reliance.

Food Distribution

Food Distribution Program

It seems simple, some pallets of food, delivery trucks in motion, volunteer packers, and gracious families awaiting our arrival. But, our food distribution program would end at the idea, if not for the dedicated volunteers, suppliers, and donors who make it all happen. Help the Children distributes food to hundreds of churches, senior citizen facilities, battered women shelters, recovery programs, and other service providers enrolled as recipients of our food program. These groups, in turn, hand out donated food to the needy people they serve. Last year alone, using our four food distribution sites, Help the Children distributed 1.7 million pounds of bulk food each month and over 35 tons of food each workday. Open your heart and and know that together we’re making a difference. WAYS TO HELP 1. Pray that our food consistently reaches the families in need. 2. Make a monetary donation to keep our programs running effectively. 3. Volunteer to pack and/or deliver the food. 4. Become a food supplier.

Help the Children | Food Boxes

Food Boxes

Our food box program is designed to help feed hungry children and their families around the world. We are currently delivering food to 12 states in America and to 90 countries worldwide. Help the Children depends largely on gracious volunteers who help prepare the packages. The boxes are then shipped to each location and distributed by the local churches. Please join our volunteer team and call 888-818-4483. Donations for this program will allow Help The Children to continue providing supplies, creating food boxes, utilizing food collection containers, and defray shipping costs. Help The Children Now Brings VOLUNTEER DAY to You! We have a new Food Drive program. You can host a food drive at your location and help save lives! Here’s how it works: • Help The Children will supply your church, school, business, or organization with food boxes, food collection containers, and other materials needed for your food drive. • You select a time frame to hold the food drive (one week, two weeks, etc.) • Upon completing the food drive, your volunteers come together to assemble the boxes and fill them with the food you’ve collected. • Help The Children will pick-up your boxes and make them available to needy children and their families here in Southern California and throughout the United States. WAYS TO HELP 1. Pray that our food boxes are filled and received by those in need. 2. Monetary donations will make it possible for us to start buying food in bulk. Our suppliers haven't been sending enough food, while the need is still growing. We aim to collect 100 tons of rice and 100 tons of beans. 3. Volunteers are so appreciated. We need people to organize and participate in "food box packing days". For more information, give us a call. RECENT UPDATE Care Box Program Join the Care Box Team! Our Care Boxes are being sent around the world. Churches, organizations, and families are encouraged to become part of the Care Box ministry. We first send empty boxes to the participants, with an attached list of needed items. Once the boxes are filled, we schedule a pick-up and our volunteer team disperses the Boxes of Care locally and abroad. The only way we can rescue God's little ones is with your help! Please pray and ask God how best you can help. Find meaning in the Care Box project!